• Trout Fishing
    The Tweed has some brilliant trout fishing. The St Boswells stock is now completely wild and throughout the season wild brownies up to 6lb in weight are caught.

    The trout season starts on 1 April and runs through to the 30 September. 

    Most of our water is fly only and on their day, dry fly, wet fly, nymphs and bugs will all catch their fair share of fish.

    Early in the season Large Spring Olives and March Browns are abundant and fish hard on the feed can be tempted with both dry fly and wets. As the season gets into June on the fishing turns to the evening rise and sedge patterns, blue winged olives or spinner patterns. Nymph tactics later on in the season work well as can natural looking bugs imitating cased and free swimming caddis.


    A cracking 2lb brownie caught at Dryburgh Bridge by Kenny Galt, TTGI Biologist during an evening rise. (Summer 2006)