Sunday Fishing 

We have been lucky enough to secure the rights to fish for trout and grayling on Sundays throughout the season. It was hoped that both Kelso and Coldstream together with the Melrose associations would be in a similar position but sadly that has not been the case, and St.Boswells and Melrose will be the only two clubs on the main stem of Tweed offering Sunday trout and grayling fishing.

Since only two of the principal clubs are offering this privilege to its subscribers it has been decided that it will be limited to club members with over 3 years continious membership. The reason for this is to prevent a huge Sunday fishing pressure being born by only a relatively small stretch of Tweed.

Tweed Commissioners have no objection to Sunday fishing for trout and grayling and acknowledge some positive benefits from moving to Sunday fishing always with the proviso that it is with the riparian owners consent and subject to adequate policing by the respective clubs. The development of Sunday trout and grayling fishing at Melrose and StBoswells will be watched very closely to see how successfully this experimental trial period works. It will be easier to ensure that there are fewer and less serious problems by limiting Sunday fishing to local members until such time as the whole river can be opened up and visitors can be welcomed to fish on Sundays. Sunday trout and grayling fishers must expect to be checked by the river watcher, committee members and Tweed bailiffs, and must be able to produce the appropriate beat token and Local Season Permit.

To ensure that you are eligible to qualify as a long standing member. I shall need your full address and postcode. The committee’s decision as to whether or not someone qualifies will be final. You should write to me using the SAE  and form attached to the local permit you have purchased and I in turn will:-

a) Check that you qualify (it would be unreasonable to ask the ticket outlets to do so)

b) Assuming you qualify send you a dog tag with a unique identifier embossed on it.

c) Furnish you with a combination number to access the “Sunday Beat Box” which

     will be fixed to the Gun Shop’s wall.

d) Furnish you with a set of rules governing Sunday trout and grayling fishing and the method by which the beats will be regulated with regard to rod limits. For example- Dryburgh will have a 4-rod limit on Sundays only.

e) Furnish you with a log book because Sunday fishers will be required to maintain a logbook.


Sunday Fishing: -How it will work

Once you have applied and received your dog tag you will be entitled to fish on Sundays.

Sunday fishing rod limits are controlled through the Sunday Beat Box, which is located on the front face of the Gunroom in St.Boswells.

To access the Beat Box you will need the combination for the pad lock, which will be given to you when you get your dog tag

The combination will be changed periodically to prevent misuse but you will be advised what the revised combination will be.


To reserve a space on a particular beat you will swap your dog tag for one of the beat tokens hanging in the Sunday Beat Box.

It follows that if there are no tokens left for say Lower Mertoun and just a row of 10 dog tags that 10 members want to fish Lower Mertoun and no available spaces remain in which case you should chose another beat where tokens remain indicating available spaces.

The Beat Box will contain 6 Ravenswood Tokens, 4 Dryburgh Tokens, 8 Middle Mertoun Tokens and 10 Upper and Lower Mertoun Tokens.

The Beat Box will be emptied of tags and tokens on Monday evenings. Any dog tags found in the box at that time will be retained by W Rodger and the relevant member will be pursued for the beat token. Regular misuse will result in the removal of Sunday Fishing Privileges.

The Beat Box will be stocked with beat tokens on Friday evenings at which time members will be able to swap their tag for a beat token.

At the end of the season all tokens and dog tags will be returned to W Rodger

Sunday Fishing Regulations.

  • No fish shall be killed and all fish returned
  • Anglers are reminded that the use of the St.Boswells Golf Club car park is prohibited to all but golf club members
  • There will operate a 4 rod limit on the Dryburgh Beat north bank
  • Rod limits for Ravenswood, and the Mertouns are unchanged from the rest of the week
  • The usual rules concerning gates, dogs and livestock remain in force
  • Sunday fishing rights are non transferable
  • You must carry your permit and appropriate beat tag with you when fishing
  • No fires may be lit on the river bank
  • Recognised trout and grayling flies only. The use of spinning reels or centre spin reels is strictly prohibited
  • Use of maggot, ground baiting and trolling is prohibited
  • Fishing with single handed fly rod and line only permissible