Permit prices:

Local & Visitor: £30.00 
Concessions for OAPs and juniors:  £15.00

Visitor:  £15.00 
Concessions for OAPs and juniors:  £7.50

Day Permit:         
Concessions for OAPs and juniors:  £5.00

Season permits can be bought directly from:
Eoin Frame Newsagent in Newtown 
Gun Room in St Boswells and 

Jimmy Laing who can be contacted 

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River Warden
When out on the river you may be asked for your permit by our full-time River Warden.

50p day tickets for Ravenswood are purchased at Eoin Frame Newsagent in Newtown – the Mertoun day tickets are from the Borders Gun Room in St Boswells. Ravenswood and the Mertoun beats require these extra day tickets to limit the number of rods fishing the water.


There is a bag limit of 2 trout, but in what is now a completely wild fishery we would urge anglers to return as many fish as possible.

Only fish between 8 inches and 12 inches may be taken. Or fish over 22 inches. These slot size limits have been imposed because of advice from research carried out by the Tweed Trout and Grayling Initiative. This means that the main breeding stock will be preserved.

Grayling should also be treated sensitively and preferably returned safely.

Any Rainbow trout caught, whatever the size should be killed.


Rules & Regulations

No Angler is allowed to commence fishing until he has procured a ticket.This ticket is issued on the following conditions, the neglect or breach of any of which will render it liable to forfeiture.

1. It is only valid for the party in whose favour it is granted.

2. It entitles the holder to fish for trout in the Associations' water with a single rod and line during the period mentioned. All parr, smolt and trout of under nine inches in length must be returned to the river.

3. Anglers must always carry their permit and must exhibit same on request to Bailiff, Police Officer, Wardens, Watchers, other permit holders or any other authorised person.

4. The holder shall do everything in his power to prevent illegal fishing and poaching, and it will be his duty to report to the Secretary or Association Watchers any irregular act that may come to his notice.

5. No fish (including minnows) are to be sold or passed to a second party for sale.

6. The holder must avoid causing damage to any property over which he has the right of passing, the disturbance of crops, game or live stock, and he must shut all gates which he has opened.

7. The trout angling season shall commence on April 1st and shall terminate on Sept. 30th inclusive of each year. No bait fishing prior to May 1st. Grayling Season dates - 1st June - 30th September and 1st December - 31st January.

8. No Sunday fishing is permitted.

9. The issue of a day permit is restricted to one hour before sunrise to midnight on the day of issue only.

10. No fires to be lit on the river banks and no angler may be accompanied by a dog while exercising the privileges available under this permit.

11. Permit holders shall avoid interfering with salmon fishing and will comply with any reasonable request made by persons so engaged.

12. Recognised trout and grayling flies only. The use of spinning reels or centre spin reels is strictly prohibited. Use of maggot, ground baiting and trolling is prohibited Fishing with single handed fly rod and line only permissible. Please note that all Association fishing at Ravenswood and those downstream from the bottom of St. Boswells Golf Course are now “Fly Only” at all times.

13. No wading among salmon redds. Shuffling is strictly prohibited.Members - Confined to residents in the Parishes of St. Boswells, Mertoun and Maxton, and the district of Newtown comprising the villages of Eildon and Bowden.