Upper Mertoun
Upper Mertoun is one of the most popular beats on the Association's water probably due to its proximity to the road. The cauld and bridge being instantly recognisable as good areas for angling. The rest of the beat has some terrific water too, with the Back Braes and the Kipper always worth a look. In the spring the beat sees prolific hatches of March Browns and Spring Olives. Below is a picture of the Long Stream which often sees good rises. 

May and June sees good numbers of Yellow May Duns and some large trout often fall to well presented imitations at these times. There are several good grayling streams on Upper Mertoun and during the last two winters several grayling have been tagged here, remember if you catch one to report it to the Trout and Grayling Initiative's Biologist Kenny Galt.kgalt@tweedfoundation.org.uk.

To fish any of the Mertoun beats requires an extra day ticket at the cost of 30p, this helps us control the number of rods on the beat. The day tickets can be bought at The Border's Gun Room, St Boswells.


Middle Mertoun 
As the river runs away from the village and through Mertoun estates it has some good pools such as The Pot and The Webbs which hold good numbers of both trout and grayling. Middle Mertoun can be accessed from either the estate side or from Upper Mertoun. The estate side has a car park but it is important that anglers observe the rules that cars cannot enter the estate before 7.30am or leave an hour after dark so as to avoid disturbing the residents. 

Lower Mertoun
Our bottom beat and one which can often produce some good sport. It has an interesting mix of glides, riffle and pools.




Under the shadow of Scott's View Ravenswood meanders through tree-lined banks. This is the start of the Associations Water. Often the least pressured of our beats it boasts good fishing for both trout and grayling in stunning surroundings. To fish Ravenswood you require an extra day ticket at the cost of 30p from Eoin Frame Newsagent in Newtown.

The Dryburgh beat is easily accessible and provides some cracking water. A well known salmon beat it is also as prolific for trout and grayling. The Chain Bridge and Dryburgh Abbey Hotel provide a stunning backdrop to this stretch. No extra ticket needs to be procured for this beat.

A cracking bit of water than can give shelter from the wind. Sandwiched between Dryburgh and Ravenswood it offers some challenging fishing for its often educated rising trout.

Golf Course 
The Golf Course along with Dryburgh are the only two beats that bait fishing (off the fly rod and reel) are allowed. Although nowadays most anglers prefer to fish fly at all times of the season.

The beat has lots of interesting features and lies with large stones breaking the flow in many areas and providing shelter for the fish.

Beware of golfers with a bad slice!

Above: A winter's view from the suspension bridge Dryburgh.

Below: Monksford looking upstream to Ravenwood water.


Above: Between the burns above Dryburgh

Above: Upstream of Dryburgh footbridge in the summer.

Below: Some inviting looking water on the Golf Course.