St Boswells Angling Association was formed between 1920 and 1922. The club was re-constituted in 1938 to include Newtown and District Anglers. The first leases allowed trout fishing on about 1 mile of river, now there are 7-8 miles to enjoy.

The club has evolved over the years and now welcomes both locals and visitors to enjoy  the river.

Having spent several years stocking the river the club has now ceased this practice on the advice of The Tweed Foundation whose aims are to return the River Tweed to a completely wild fishery. The Club supports the Tweed Foundation’s aims and provides both financial and physical assistance to its various projects. On behalf of the Tweed Foundation biologists we operate a fish trap on a tributary burn and we take part in Fly Life and other surveys as part of the Tweed Trout and Grayling Initiative.

Local members take part in catch and release River and Loch fishing outings are arranged.

River Levels can be checked by clicking here. St Boswells is between Boleside and Sprouston the two nearest monitoring stations.

From our local membership, the club is lucky to have two International River Fishermen as well as two International Stillwater Anglers.


Tagged FishTagged FishThe Tweed Trout & Grayling Initiative  (TTGI) is looking for anglers to help catch trout & Grayling as part of their investigations into post-spawning recovery of Tweed Grayling and the relationship between growth and age of Brown-trout in different parts of the Tweed catchment. On the 24th April the TTGI & St Boswells, Newtown & District AA are holding a Grayling fishing day on the St Boswells Association water when angling volunteers are invited to come along and help catch Grayling that can be used to provide the TTGI with the information needed to assess post-spawning recovery (all fish will be released unharmed).

Volunteers will be asked to meet up at a pre-determined meeting point before being split into groups, assigned a beat and provided with a keep net in which to put any fish caught. For more information or to confirm your place on the day please contact Kenny Galt at kgalt@tweedfoundation.org.uk or call 07900693161. All assistance during these days is greatly appreciated and contributes towards greater understanding and better management of our wild fish populations. These days also provide an excellent opportunity to meet and get to know other anglers and see some of the latest methods used to catch Grayling. The TTGI & St Boswells, Newtown & District AA will also be holding two evenings, run similarly, on the Association water to collect scale samples from Brown-trout. These will be held on the evenings of the 17thMay and 14th June (both Tuesdays). For more information or to confirm your place on either day please contact Kenny Galt on the contact details given previously. Scale samples from trout allow age and growth to be determined